One of the greatest crimes in college football, and the world writ large, is ignorance. Take a bite out of crime. Below are the insights, pundits, and analytics you need to be aware of before you venture into the big boy world of college football.


Football Study Hall

FSH is a work of true intellectual worth, dedicated to the furthering of advanced metrics in football. Stop worrying about simple numbers and get on board with smart thinking and clean living (we do not actually condone the latter).


Every Day Should Be Saturday

Yes, it should. The good folks at EDSBS will happily give you a football discussion product that is first rate in all respects, except when compared to GoFor3. In that case, it’s a pile of dog vomit. But really, what isn’t?


Football Outsiders

Another site for advanced metrics. It’s not a “blog” per se, but we’d eat Spurrier’s visor before living by some bullshit definition a millennial made up just so he could write about his barista angst. This is the best spot for FEI, S+P, and F/+ brain candy.


Massey-Peabody Analytics

What do you get when you cross a Wharton professor with a Las Vegas bookie? Duh…Football predictions. This ain’t a tax preparation site, genius. Cade Massey and Rufus Peabody do some of the best predictive numbers in the business, and they’re smarter than you. Do your best to sound out the big words.


The Power Rank

Proprietary predictions based on simple but often overlooked facts. They’re the NPR to ESPN’s Fox News.


Off-Tackle Empire

Rust Belters unite! If you love the intrigue of the ground game, think Ro-Tel dip is exotic, and don’t understand why every game can’t be played in the snow, this B1G overview is right up your alley. Read it in front of your shrine to Bo & Woody, or in the shadow of a defunct industrial complex. Rutgers fans can’t read it until next year.


Team Speed Kills

Hey PAWL, it’s the dayum ESSS-EEEE-SEEE Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Y’all know ev’ruh dayum teem in the ESS-EEE-SEE is faster’an a hobo chasin’ a ham sammich. Y’all need to learn. The definitive SEC overview from the two or three literate folks the South could muster.


Pacific Takes

The only overview blog that reeks of patchouli and wheatgrass. Phil Knight probably pays to change the layout of this blog every week. In a year he’ll figure out how to chrome your screen. In the meantime, if you believe that defense is a myth and Stanford doesn’t relax academic standards for football players, this is your beat.


Hustle Belt

If you like the MAC, which someone does, I guess.


Mid-Major Madness

For all those coaching incubators not in the MAC.


ESPN College FB Nation

“Follow the money.” -Deep Throat


Bill King

Probably the best College Football show on the radio. And he’s from Nashville. And he sells steak sauce. Hard not to love. Register for free and stream all has shows in your office, or your mom’s basement. Wherever you spend your time. Oh, and he does a Service Academy football segment each week. ‘Merica.


Mark Packer

The only guy who can challenge Bill King in a head-to-head showdown of CFB radio excellence. Great on Twitter, too.