“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” So said Oscar Wilde. I think. If I’m honest, I spent most of Plebe English staring out the one window of Thayer Hall, contemplating my odds of surviving the fall and disappearing into the steam tunnels until I could hitch a ride on a tramp steamer.

You have been heard, Hearts in Gray. You read the article. You saw the mascots. You raised your voices, stuck out a paw, traded your pound cake for some jalapeño cheese and a pack of Charms, and let us know in clear and unequivocal terms which mascot you liked best.

In keeping with true West Point tradition, we totally ignored you. Why? Because we’re in charge and that means we are smart leadership geniuses and you’re all a buncha maroons in unwashed gray pants. It’s good to be king.  z


Look at the bright side, though. At least we didn’t let the history department do it. Now, bow to your new Spirit Overlord: Frago the Gray Knighted Mule.


It’s been said that a camel is a horse designed by committee.

The Kaiser Helmet: Frago’s daft chapeau pays homage to our old friend Carl Von Clausewitz. Always quoted




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