The punch. A swing born of the explosive nexus of competitive drive, mounting frustration, and unfettered rage. One moment and a snap decision that changed the arc of a great coach’s life and forever tarnished his legacy. Woody Hayes was an outstanding coach. He was a scholar, a veteran, a professor, and one of the last of a long-dead breed of coaches. He visited hospitals to cheer up total strangers. He made his players go find a class to attend when they traveled to other universities. He also punched Charlie Bauman in the Orange Bowl. That is how he is remembered.

One “oh shit” wipes out a lifetime of  “attaboys.”

Ohio State didn’t win that game. They won’t win this one, either. If you need me to tell you that, then you should hit that little “X” on the corner of your browser because you’re not allowed to be using the internet alone. Despite his reputation for genius, Urban Meyer has lacked the foresight and/or stugots to unseat lantern-jawed buffoon Luke Fickell from his job as defensive coordinator, though to call him that is to insinuate that what he produces is either a defense, or at all coordinated. 

Tjah Boyd averages 204 yds/game throwing. He’s thrown for 300+ in 5 games this season. The Buckeye defense has surrendered 300+ to their last three opponents, one of whom was INDI-F***ING-ANA. One more pass by Illinois and they’d be in the 300+ club, too. Literally. They rank 102nd in the FBS in pass defense. A step behind Hawaii. One-win Hawaii.

Those fantastic showings occurred with speed-rusher Noah Spence threatening opposing QBs, Curtis Grant at full tilt, and Bradley Roby in the secondary. Spence and Roby are out. Grant is a maybe.

Oh, and the Buckeyes had the trots all week thanks to a stomach bug.

The Buckeye faithful won’t like this Orange Bowl any more than the last one, though I doubt they could like it less. Clemson erases the point spread and wins by 12




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